What is a smart plug? As the name suggests, a smart plug is a device you plug into the wall and can turn on and off remotely from your phone. I wasn’t aware of how much I needed one until I got one about a week ago (The exact model I’ve got is the Tp-Link HS110 and that’s the model I can endorse for sure). Here is what a smart plug does for you:

Electric Scooter + Smart Plug


Most electric scooters need to be plugged for 3-10 hours to get fully charged, however how many times have you left it charging the entire night? Thing is, the charger consumes power all the time it’s plugged into the wall, doesn’t matter whether the scooter is fully charged or not. Setting the smart plug to turn itself off after a certain amount of hours can save you few dollars a month.


Moreover, you don’t even have to program the plug every time. You can set up a schedule in a few taps from the app and forget about it. Just connect the charger to the plug every night and let the smart plug do the rest, it’s so easy.


Li-io batteries tend to die if not properly maintained. Any battery should be charged for at least 30 minutes a month. If for X reason you are not using a scooter, it’s very easy to leave it there for a few months just to realize afterward that its battery died because of that. The ‘Away Mode’ function on the Smart Plug can save you from potential headache and money loss.


Ever wondered what’s the exact power (and money) consumption of your scooter? The Smart Plug monitors the consumption in real time and grants you access to daily, weekly and monthly numbers, as well as averages.


I am using Tp-link hs110 smart plug to charge my Dualtron Thunder for both fast and normal chargers. Sometimes i connect both chargers to my Thunder, each one with his own smart plug, and i turn on the charger/plug depending how fast i need the escooter to be fully charged.

The Smart Plug I am using is the Tp-Link HS110 and I am very happy with it so far. It’s easy to use and it saves me a lot of headache. It can be controlled from your phone and it can be connected to Alexa so you can control it with your voice too.

Where to buy TP-Link HS110 Smart Plug

Overall, the Tp-Link HS110 is a product I’d highly recommend to any escooter user out there, no matter the model you are using. What about you? Have you ever used a smart plug before?

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