Minimotors is well-known for releasing popular and high-end scooter models such as the Dualtron Thunder and Ultra. The company loves powerful motors, hot designs and big wheels.

The Spider is their newest addition that takes what we all love about Dualtron scooters and makes it even better.

If you are already familiar with other Minimotors products, you might want to know that the Spider is pretty much an improved, lighter and less expensive version of the Dulatron Thunder. The model is pretty new, which is why I haven’t seen any decent English reviews on the Spider so far. I will try to give you as much detail here as possible to hopefully help you decide whether the Spider is the right scooter for you. As always, I will try to respond to any of your questions and comments the same day you post them so feel free to share them!

Dualtron Spider Review

Riding Experience and Maneuverability

The first thing you will notice is that the Spider is very agile. Thanks to the light weight and powerful motor, the scooter can easily reach the speed you want and stop as soon as you hit the brakes. Talking about which, the Spider comes with double (frontal and rear) disk brakes with ABS anti-locking system. Alternatively, you can also engage regenerative brakes to give your battery some few extra minutes of life.

Personally, I had a blast driving this scooter. It’s so easy to turn, accelerate, climb hills and brake that it takes only few minutes to get used to it. After few minutes, driving it becomes a natural and very enjoyable process. I will be honest with you guys – while I totally love the Dualtron Thunder, I believe that the Spider is a better bang for the buck, for the average user anyway. I will be comparing both models later on in this review, though for now, let me reassure you that the Spider does not drive worse than the Thunder or Ultra despite having less powerful motors.

Just like with all Dualtron scooters, while driving under rain is possible (the circuitry is safely sealed and protected against moisture), it’s also dangerous – any scooter becomes pretty unstable on wet surfaces.

Moreover, no matter how safe you think you are driving, make sure to always wear a helmet – the Spider is a very powerful scooter and you want to have the same protection as when riding a bike or more.

Looks and Durability

There are many reasons why people love Dualtron and the way they design their products is one of them. Every new model released by Minimotors usually looks better and more stylish than the previous one. The Dualtron Spider is no exception.

In general terms, the Spider looks like a more polished and modernized version of the Dualtron Ultra. Its relatively thin shaft and base look in perfect harmony with the big, thin wheels. In fact, if we compare the styles of said models, we could say that the Ultra is your normal HP Pavilion, while the Spider is a MacBook Air.

Thin and elegant, the Dualtron Spider is all but fragile. Made of a combination of ultralight aerospace 7075 aluminum alloy and SCM440 high-strength low-alloy steel, the Dualtron Spider can take a beating. It’s one of those scooters that were designed for the daily life. I haven’t found any weak spots or parts that could easily deteriorate over time – Minimotors is known for improving their design with every new model. I will however update this review if I discover something.

For the handlebars, we have ultralight carbon fiber and polypropylene for the covers – all the plastic details you see are actually covers and there is metal underneath them.


If you are paying three grands and a half for a scooter, you expect to get some quality. For its price, the Spider is the second most comfortable scooter I have had the pleasure to drive. The level of comfort is close to that of the Dualtron Thunder – a vehicle that is $1000 USD more expensive. Here is why.

The Spider comes with large 10 inch inflatable tires. Those of you who have used a scooter before will agree that tire size is one of the things that matter the most. In the same price range, only the Dualtron Ultra features larger tires – 11 inch instead of 10.

Now, personally I prefer solid rubber tires because they don’t get flats. I mean, just because you are using inflatable tires does not mean you will be having flats every day, it’s just means that you will have to pay more attention to the surface of the road and look for any possible hazards for your tires. Over time though, you get used to it at the point you will be noticing and avoiding bad spots naturally.

On the bright side, inflatable tires are softer and offer more room for customization – you can adjust suspension softness and stability by changing tire pressure – less pressure means better cushioning and more grip, while more pressure might be the best option when you are driving at high speed. Besides, the Spider features rubber suspension, similar to that of its predecessors.

Another important thing that I should mention here is the weight of the scooter. As you know, weight affects in many ways the maneuverability, gradeability and acceleration of the scooter. In addition to that, lighter scooters are also easier to carry around and this alone might be either a selling point or a deal breaker.

Both the Thunder and the Ultra weight around 40 kg (88 lbs), which means that most of us will not be able to carry those heavy boys around. Let’s face it – the most you can do with a Dualtron Thunder is to put it inside your car trunk. I doubt you will want to carry it with you in the bus or metro train.

Here’s where the Dualtron Spider excels – it only weights 20 kg (44 lbs), which makes it way easier to carry around. I mean okay, 20 kg is still a lot, though personally I don’t find it that hard to carry the scooter with me when I get into public transport. Plus, if your battery happens to die mid-trip, it’s way easier to push a 20kg scooter than a 40kg one.

Last but not least, 20kg scooters comply with the law regulations regarding maximum scooter weight in countries like Singapore. Which is why, in Singapore, the only Dualtron scooter you are allowed to drive is the Spider. This might be an important factor to consider for those of you who plan on traveling to a different country and want to take your scooter with you.


The official Minimotors website states that the Dualtron Spider max speed is only 25km/h (15 mph). I call heresy – a scooter with 3600W motors can not be so damn slow! The real max speed of the scooter is a whooping 65 km/h (40 mph), which is only a tad less than that of the Thunder. The official website lists 25km/h to avoid issues with Singapore law regulations. Your country certainly has regulations too regarding max speed and usually, if you want to use your scooter for racing, you might want to do it somewhere where those regulations do not apply (like private land, special racing tracks, your bathroom, etc)

The Dualtron Spider comes with two 800W motors that can output up to 3,600W. Combined with a solid 60V 17.5Ah battery, we get a very powerful scooter that can climb most hills and slopes with ease. I am taking about a whooping 45% (25°) gradeability. This is the kind of gradeability you would expect from an off-road scooter. Moreover, the Spider can climb as good as the Thunder, which is $1000 USD more expensive.


When moving at a constant speed of 25 km/h (15 mph), you can expect the scooter to have a range of up to 70 km (43 miles). That’s of course the maximum distance you can get if you are driving on perfectly flat surface. In reality, factors like wind, hills, weight and acceleration decrease the range. Personally, I estimate it to be around 50-60 km (31-37 miles) but then again – I am not the lighter driver there is, neither do I live in a place with a lot of flat roads.

Overall, that 50-60 km (31-37 miles) range is still pretty impressive and if you follow the regulations regarding max speed, you can usually enjoy 2-3 hours of smooth ride per charge. If you want more, you can also get a secondary 60V 12Ah battery to enjoy a couple more hours of ride.

Once the battery is depleted, it takes up to 9 hours with a 2A Charger and up to 3.5 Hours with a 6.5A charger to bring the tiny silly icon on your dashboard back to 100%. As always, the good charger is sold apart. However personally, I don’t really need it because I leave my scooter charging at night; It’s now part of my routine just like brushing my teeth or watching a new Demolition Ranch episode (I shouldn’t have said that).

EYE Dashboard

The official Minimotors website dedicates a whole page to their new ‘EYE’ dashboard, for a reason. What I like about Dualtron scooters is that their electronics are pretty decent – even the older models have an LCD screen that allow you to access most of the info you want in real time.

The Spider takes that a step further with the ‘EYE’, which is an improved version of the dashboard we can see on the Ultra. The EYE, besides displaying all the info you expect to see (such as battery life and speed), allows you to easily adjust things like:

  • Slow start – having that on allows you go full throttle from the beginning without being worried about the scooter knocking you off your feet – no need to manually adjust the speed with your throttle. Great feature for beginners.
  • Electric brake strength
  • Auto power off – anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes
  • Start method – choose between throttle start and kick start
  • Speed step setting – the scooter features three speeds
  • All the other settings you are familiar with, such as cruise mode, speed unit change (KM/h <> Mph), power limit and LCD brightness.

DualTron Spider Specifications

Max Speed: 65 Kmh (40 MPH)
Max Distance: 70 Km (43 Mi) with the possibility to add a secondary battery.
Charge Time: 9 Hours with 2A Charger | 3.5 Hours with 6.5A Charger
Motor Wattage: Max 3,600W, dual motors rated 800 W each
Weight: 20 Kg (44 lb)
Max. Rider Capacity: 120 Kg (264 lb)

Gradeability: 45% (25°) Max Road Inclination
Tire Size: 10 in On-Road Tires

Suspension: Front and Rear Rubber Suspension System

Brakes: Front and Rear Disk Brake with ABS braking system, as well as Regenerative Braking
Lights: Dual LED Headlight & Taillight / Brake light

Dashboard: 3rd Gen Smart EyE Throttle (Battery, Trip, ODO, Time, Speed, Mode, as well as Cruise Control, Magnetic Brake and Auto Power Save)
Material: Ultralight Aerospace 7075 Aluminum Alloy for the body, Ultralight Carbon Fibre for the handlebars, SCM440 High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel for the shaft and polypropylene for the covers.
Water and dust resistance IP54

Bonus: DualTron Spider vs DualTron Thunder

DualTron Spider: Pros

  • Twice as lighter
  • About $1000 USD cheaper
  • Features same gradeability and similar acceleration despite being a lot cheaper
  • EYE Dashboard and Throttle

DualTron Spider: Cons

  • Slightly slower
  • Looks less imposing because of its lightweight construction
  • Onroad scooter – has thinner wheels

Bonus: DualTron Spider vs DualTron Ultra

DualTron Spider: Pros

  • Twice as lighter – it’s easier to carry and can be used in more places
  • EYE Dashboard and Throttle
  • Design improvements – better cable layout and protection, slightly stronger suspension, etc.

DualTron Spider: Cons

  • Features less gradeability
  • Has thinner wheels, which means it’s not that suitable for offroad driving.

Where to buy Dualtron Spider

Join the forums to discuss more about the Dualtron Spider

In Conclusion

In my humble opinion, the Spider is the best Dualtron scooter for the daily commute thanks to its light weight, great maneuverability and quick acceleration. Meant to be used onroad, the Spider is fast, agile and rugged. The EYE dashboard is definitely an upgrade too – it gives you way more control over your scooter and it makes it easier for beginners to get started.

What are my final thoughts? Get the Dualtron Ultra if you are into offroad racing; get the Spider if you need a scooter for the daily commute or traveling.

Dualtron Spider Editor's Rating
Lightweight – is easier to carry and it complies with certain countries law regulations regarding maximum scooter weightPowerful motor, outstanding accelerationDouble disk brakes with ABS, as well as regenerative brakesEYE Throttle – Comprehensive LCD dashboard and throttle that gives you more control over the scooterGreat range, possibility to add a second batteryOutstanding build qualityGood suspension
Inflatable tires might be an issue for those of you who are into solid rubber onesSlightly smaller wheels than those of the Dualtron Ultra/Thunder (which is in the same price range)Not the strongest motor for a scooter in this price rangeNot meant for offroad
Reader Rating 68 Votes
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