At this point you are probably familiar with the Dualtron Storm, the model that came to dethrone the Thunder and become the fastest Dualtron. Recently, MiniMotors announced a limited version of the Storm that is now available on their website. The Dualtron Storm LTD is priced 5,400 USD, which is about a grand higher than the default Storm.

If you’re like me, you’re wondering whether the upgrades are worth the new price tag. Let’s find that out!

Dualtron Storm LTD Review

Dualtron Storm LTD Unboxing

Dualtron Storm LTD – The Fastest Racer

The Storm Limited version is the fastest Dualtron to date thanks to its improved battery. While the motors look identical to that of the Storm, the battery has higher voltage output, which allows for a new feature called the “Ludicrous mode”. Activated by double tapping the throttle, this new speed mode allows you to boost your speed to up to a whopping 74 MPH (120 km/h). That’s a new record for a Dualtron scooter!

It’s a speed mode designed to be used sparingly since it drains the battery pretty fast, but hey, not all races are marathons!

Dualtron Storm LTD – The King of Comfort

The battery on the Storm LTD model comes without the handle. If you remember, the default Storm has a removable battery pack that, while looking good on paper, can be a nuisance. Its handle takes space on the standing deck, right in the place where your front foot is supposed to go.

This issue is fixed in the LTD version. The battery can still be easily removed for maintenance, though. All you need is a screwdriver.

Better Standing Deck (Seriously, it’s amazing)

Ah, but the benefits of this new battery design don’t end there. The standing deck is also more comfortable now. The top part features a 3mm thick rubber cover that has way better traction with the shoes than whatever the default Storm’s deck is coated in.

And should I even mention that the rubbery material is a lot easier to clean, too?

Fast Charging System 

The LTD also supports up to two 10A chargers for a charge time of about 4 hours. If we inspect the ports closer, we can notice that they’re GX20-3P, whereas the normal model comes with GX16-3P. By default, the scooter comes with one 4A charger, which is a step up compared to the default Storm’s kit.

Seat Compatibility

The LTD version comes with a slot to install the fixation for the seat. It has to be bought separately, though.

Dualtron Storm LTD – Better Safety Measures

If you own a Storm, chances are you had to buy and install a steering damper on it. After all, riding at speeds higher than 40km/h without one feels pretty sketchy – the scooter gets shaky and you have to use a lot of force to keep the steering stable. And if you’re not careful enough, a rollover accident might even happen. The LTD solves this by coming with a pre-installed steering damper – you no longer have to order one separately.

Better Brakes

The braking system saw a facelift too. The Storm LTD comes with high-tier Nutt hydraulic brakes and 160mm disk, which are 10mm bigger than that on the default Storm.

Bigger Tires

The LTD version features the same rims but bigger tires, 12inch to be precise. This model’s tires also feature RST (Run Flat System), which means that they don’t get flats. MiniMotors Thailand went as far as performing a test drive after hammering three big nails into the tire, and the pressure stood the same thorough the ride, and didn’t drop even after removing the nails.

The trick is that the tires are coated with a gel-like substance on the inside. Once a puncture happens, the gel gets instantly pushed out by the inner pressure, seals the hole, and stops air from leaking out.

Dualtron LTD – Miscellaneous Improvements

Improved Durability – A common issue with the default Storm model is that the controller tends to overheat. The heat dissipation system on the Storm doesn’t seem to be enough, especially for long rides. The LTD version comes with an improved heatsink that makes about twice better contact with the heat dissipation plate.

Fingerprint sensor – A feature that was optional in the Storm is now included in the default package of the LTD version. While it can hardly be considered an anti-theft feature, the fingerprint sensor is a good way of keeping the curious teenager away.

Lower Kiddy Bar – a bar you can fix to the stem and use it to hold lights and/or cameras.

Dualtron Storm vs Dualtron Storm LTD Specs


Dualtron Storm

Dualtron Storm LTD

Max. Speed 100 Km/h (62 MPH)  120 Km/h (75 MPH) 
Range 128 Km (68-80 Mi)  136 Km (84.5 Mi) 
Weight 46 Kg (101 lb)  50 Kg (110 lb) 
Carrying Capacity150 Kg (330 lb)150 Kg (330 lb)
Motor power 6,640 W  11,500 W 
Battery 72V, 2268Wh  84V 45Ah LG 21700 
Tires 11″ Ultra Wide Tubeless Tire  12″ RSC Tubeless Tire (No Flat Tire) 
Suspension45-Step Adjustable: 5 cartridges, 9 positions45-Step Adjustable: 5 cartridges, 9 positions
BrakesNutt Hydraulic Brake + 150mm diskNutt Hydraulic Brake + 160mm Disk
PriceUSD 4,490USD TBA

Dualtron Storm LTD vs Dualtron Storm Gallery

Dualtron Storm LTD vs  X II vs Thunder 2 vs Thunder 1

Dualtron Storm LTD Specs

  • Max Speed: 120 Km/h (74 MPH)
  • Max Distance: 136 Km (84 Mi)
  • Battery: 84V 45Ah LG 21700
  • Motor Wattage: Instant Peak Power Up to 11500W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
  • Max Load: 150 Kg (330 lb)
  • Gradeability:70% (~35°)
  • Tires: 12″ RSC Tubeless Tire (No Flat Tire)
  • Suspension: 45-Step Adjustable: 5 cartridges, 9 positions
  • Brakes:Nutt Hydraulic Brake + 160mm Disk
  • Lights: Arms & Handlebar Sides LED Lights, Brake Light, Dual LED Headlight, Dual LED Taillight, Turning Light
  • Dashboard: Smart Eye Throttle
  • Weight:50 Kg (111 lb)
  • Unfolded Size:1210x600x1300 mm (48x24x51 inches)
  • Folded Size:1210x318x605 mm (48x13x24 inches)

Where to Buy Dualtron Storm Limited (LTD)


Several customers reported that their Dualtron Storm LTD’s were shipped with the wrong configuration. If your scooter has any of the following issues, you might be a victim too:

  • The scooter can’t go faster than 80 km/h (49 MPH) and no more than 97 KMH with boost. (advertised up to 115 KMH with boost)
  • Double tapping the throttle does nothing
  • The motors have a weird vibration and sound when you accelerate over 60-70 KMH

The issues above can be caused by the display, motors and/or controllers. Can be software too??

I’d strongly suggest you to test your Storm Limited thoroughly; If you notice that you’ve got the issues
mentioned above, make sure to speak to your Minimotors distributor asap. Depending on the
solution they offer, you might have to issue a refund or to receive the components needed to fix the problem and reach the advertised values.

Later Update:
Minimotors sent new motors with arms because new motors are a bit wider, new 11″ wheels with rims and/or displays to several customers to fix the problems.

The results after replacing everything are:

  • No boost speed 85 KMH
  • Boost speed 100KMH
  • A bit of more acceleration/torque, maybe 10%-15%
  • 20% less vibrato after 60-70 KMH

More updates soon..

Recommended Accessories and Upgrades

Conclusion – Is the Dualtron Storm LTD Worth the Money?

At first, the extra 1000 dollars on the price tag seems pretty steep but after doing some math, the price difference becomes reasonable. First of all, the Dualtron Storm LTD (Limited) includes a fingerprint sensor, a steering damper, a 4A charger, and a lower kiddy bar. The four pieces combined cost about 650 dollars if you were to install them on a basic Storm.

Then, we have the bigger tire size. These tend to get progressively more expensive as the size increases, so it’s reasonable that one inch bigger wheels will cost more.

Last but not least, the battery on the LTD is bigger too, which justifies the higher cost of the scooter.

In conclusion, the Dualtron Storm LTD feels more like a polished Storm rather than a special edition. In fact, I would love to see some of the LTD features migrate to the default Storm, especially things like the new deck design and the improved heatsink.

What are your thoughts on the Storm LTD?

Great extra componentsGood speedGood mileageImproved DesignBetter charging portsBuilt in hornFast charger included
Very expensiveSome models can have wrong controllerFootrest may be too rised
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