Dualtron X Claims the Throne

Note: The scooter I am about to review belongs to someone I know – I do not own a Dualtron X yet. Besides, it is one of the prototype models and the final product will be slightly different in some details. Minimotors USA will be shipping their units June of this year.

Back when the Dualtron Ultra was released, everyone in the escooter community was shocked – the scooter challenged our expectations and views on how big and powerful an escooter can be. Most of us thought that the Dualtron Ultra was the limit.

One and a half years later, after fist getting dethroned by the Dualtron Thunder, the Ultra was now completely dwarfed by the new Dualtron X. Just like one year and a half ago, I have no words to describe this new monster released by Minimotors, though this time it is clear that Dualtron X is no longer an escooter because of its huge size, weight and obviously, speed.

That being said, the Dualtron X still belongs to the Dualtron family and still has a lot of similarities with the conventional escooters, which is why it still made its way on the pages of this blog. I will be referring to it as ‘scooter’, though it might be more correct to call it ‘moped’ instead.

In this review, I will share my impressions on the scooter with you, as well as the full spec list. Let’s get started!

Dualtron X Review

Riding Experience

Compared to the previous models, the Dualtron X is different in all aspects with a few exceptions – for instance, just like its predecessors, it uses the signature Ey3 dashboard. The rest – the suspension system, as well as the tires, motors, seat and frame has changed completely.

This is one of the reasons why the Dualtron X feels very different to the Thunder. The Thunder feels like an escooter and has all of the pros and cons of one. The Dualtron X has the feel of a moped, mostly because it is noticeably heavier and more stable. It handles impressively well and it feels comfortable to drive, probably more comfortable than any other Dualtron scooter.

Dualtron X vs Ultra

Dualtron X vs Spider vs Thunder

The Dualtron X is the first Minimotors scooter that comes with no rubber suspension. The scooter weights 60 Kg (132 lb) so I suppose there is no way rubber would be reliable enough. Instead, the X comes with double hydraulic tubes (one for each wheel). Hydraulic tubes work differently than rubber, they react differently to bumps and vibration.

It’s hard to describe the difference with words – all I can say that the Dualtron X has great shock absorption – bumps, cobbles and curbs are no match to it. Another improvement are the 12 inch (!!!) ultra-wide tires. Not only they give amazing traction, they also make the ride smoother.

Another difference in suspension is that the Dualtron X allows you to change the suspension tightness on the go. Each of the two hydraulic tubes can be individually adjusted by simply spinning the red adjustment knob. This allows you to better adapt your scooter to the kind of road you are riding on and can go from ultra-soft, bed-like suspension all the way up to ultra-hard where it feels like there is no suspension at all.


The Dualtron X handles as good as a quality gas-powered moped. The only thing that changes is the motor – Electric engines usually have a completely different acceleration curve than gas powered ones. The handlebar tightness can be adjusted and it behaves very stable even on high speeds.

At first glance, the Dualtron X has the same disk hydraulic brakes as the Thunder – you can see a similar shape, as well as brand. There is a difference, though – unlike its predecessors the Dualtron X comes with a new passive cooling system for the brakes. How imporant is that?

First of all, the Dualtron X is very heavy (for an escooter) and can go very fast. This combo can create a lot of stress on the brakes upon activation. Friction produces heat so having a system that better dissipates it makes the brakes more reliable and might even potentially increase their lifespan.

To keep that system efficient, you might want to give the brakes some maintenance every now and then to remove any dust and mud that gets there.

Another feature that makes the Dualtron X different from the Thunder and others is the presence of a steering dampher. What it does it greatly stabilizes your steering bar when you drive on high speeds. Because the scooter has relatively small wheels (compared to a bike), the steering bar tends to vibrate a lot, especially on high speeds. A dampher removes most of those vibrations and stabilizes the scooter.

The dampher makes such a huge difference that now I am thinking of ways to install one on my Dualtron Thunder. And by the way, just like the suspension system, the damper tightness can be adjusted on the go.


The Dualtron X is the most comfortable Dualtron scooter by far. Again, it is technically a moped so that explains a lot.

Due to the nature of the Dualtron X, it comes with an inbuilt seat that I would not recommend you to remove. The seat also has all the attachments for a bag or a box.

The seat height is adjustable. There are four bolts that hold it in place – by unscrewing them you can change the position of the seat – the difference between the upper and the lower position is about 10 cm or 4 inches.

From my experience, it’s better to use the seat. When sitting, the scooter feels exactly like a conventional moped – it’s extremely stable, comfortable and handles great. You can also remove the seat and stand up but might be not a great idea – the heavy weight and shape of the scooter makes it very tricky to handle. You can try for sure but there’s a big chance you won’t like it.

Additional Accessories

The differences between the X and the Thunder (and previous models) aren’t limited to the big things. There are also a lot of smaller details that make the Dualtron X a one of a kind escooter.


On the back side of the deck we can find two sets of brake lights, as well as taillights; On the T bar there is a powerful, high luminance LED light that should be enough to make night rides comfortable and safe. Under the main LED light there can be attached two additional lights of your choice, though the stock lights are more than enough for most situations.

On the dashboard, we can see a switch for our directional lights – the Dualtron X has those on the deck both on the front and on the rear.


The scooter comes with an inbuilt horn. The button is situated right under the directional lights switch.

Ey3 Dashboard

The Dualtron X has the signature Minimotors Ey3 dashboard we can find on the Ultra and the Thunder. This means that it has all the respective functions but there is also a bit more. On the middle of the handlebar, we can see two little screens that show the charge of the two batteries of the scooter.


Right next to it there is a rugged metallic cellphone holder. I am pretty sure my phone is safe on it. The holder is attached to a rail that can hold a few additional gadgets such as a coffee holder, a camera, an additional horn or a set of lights.


The Dualtron X has pretty much the same portability as a conventional moped. Because of its huge size and weight it is not something you can carry to a metro or a bus. Besides, you might find it difficult to store this scooter if you live in an apartment, especially if you don’t live on the first floor.

Now, Minimotors did try their best to make the scooter as portable as possible. The Dualtron X folds just like any other scooters and its grips fold too. Does that make the scooter more portable? Hardly, though I appreciate the intention.


Looks are a bit of a controversial topic with the Dualtron X. Some say the scooter looks boxy and overly simplistic, while others say it looks professional and serious. Personally, I feel neutral about it– the Dualtron X does look more simple than the Thunder, however at the same time it looks way more rugged, just like a battle tank. Everything about the Dualtron X is bulky, wide and looks extremely rugged – the ultra-wide wheels, the thick hydraulic suspension, the frame, etc.

The scooter has two powerful motors that require a very powerful (and big) battery. The deck carries the primary battery, which is why it is very wide and thick. The T-bar carries the secondary battery, which makes it look bulky too. Overall, the scooter does look somewhat boxy and the amount of right angles does not help to conceal that.


I can’t talk a lot about durability simply because I haven’t seen the final model. The prototype is rock-solid and can stand a beating. It has a few details that need polishing but according to Minimotors, those small issues will be addressed in the final version. I am talking about the need to add some plastics to cover the wheels and so on.

Talking about which, since the Dualtron X comes with hub motors – in other words, both motors are inside the wheels – many people ask what to do in case the wheel gets damaged. Do you have to change the whole piece, motors included or can you change the wheel alone?

The answer is that you can change the wheel alone – if the motors are intact, you are not forced to change them in case of wheel damage.

Zen air cooling system

If we talk about innovations, the Dualtron X comes with a new cooling guard design. It features a metallic piece that covers the bottom of the deck. It keeps the controller and battery protected, as well as ensures it better airflow and cooling thanks to an inbuilt radiator. This also means that you might want to clean it from time to time because airflow translates into dust and mud deposits.


With two BLDH motors rated 6720W max, the Dualtron X is by far the most powerful Dualtron scooter available. In theory, this should translate into amazing torque, gradeability and of course, insane max speed.

It does, to an extent: in a direct race with the Dualtron Thunder, the X obviously gets first place every time, however the difference isn’t as big as I have expected.

One of the reasons might be that the percentile motor power difference between the two isn’t that huge – we are talking about a roughly ~15% improvement here. Besides, the Dualtron X is ~40% heavier, which means the motor has to move more weight.

From tests, the Dualtron X can go as fast as 100 km/h (62 Mph). Thanks to the features mentioned earlier, the X also makes it way easier to keep that speed, which is why I would chose the Dualtron X over the Thunder any day if I had to race.


When going close to the top speed, I would expect a ~100 km (~62 Mi) range. The LG battery it comes with is huge and has massive capacity, which is one of the reasons why the scooter is so heavy. If you go slower and avoid driving uphill too much, I’d expect the battery to have a range of up to ~200 km (~124 Mi). Those are my estimates and Minimotors kind of confirmed them.

Dual Battery Design

The scooter has two batteries – one is situated in the deck and the other one in the lower part of the T-bar, which is one of the reason why it is so thick. The second battery is meant to power the lights and is way smaller, with a capacity of 3Ah. It ensures that lights do not drain your motor battery life, though it also means that you have to use two separate chargers for the scooter.


Minimotors now manufactures its own chargers and the big one (meant for the deck battery) has an in-built fan to prevent overheating. The Dualtron X can be charged with up to four chargers at the same time: you can use three big chargers on the deck (it comes with three charging ports) and one small one on the T bar battery.

Dualtron X Specs

Max Speed: 100 Km/h (62 MPH)
Max Distance: 100 – 200 km (62-124 Mi)
Battery: 60V 49Ah LG Battery Pack (motors), 60V 3Ah (lights)

Motor Wattage: Two BLDH motors rated 6720W max
Weight: 60 Kg (132 lb) without seat // 66 kg (145 lbs) with seat
Tires: 12 Inch Ultra-Wide Tubeless Tires

Suspension: Adjustable hydraulic suspension (19 positions)

Brakes: Front and rear 160mm hydraulic disk brakes +ABS
Lights: Powerful LED headlight + Taillights

Dashboard: Eye Dashboard by Minimotors (same as on the Dualtron Thunder)

Open Size: 1310 × 980 × 640 mm (51x39x25 In)

Deck Size: 555 × 350 mm (22×13 In)

Clearance: 190mm (7 In)

Where to buy Dualtron X

Join the forums to discuss more about the Dualtron X

In Conclusion

Minimotors is an innovator. A year and a half ago they blew our minds by introducing the Dualtron Ultra and now they are about take our breath once again with the Dualtron X.

Now to be crystal clear here, Dualtron X is obviously no longer an escooter – while it has a lot of similarities with its predecessors, it has the same usage as a conventional moped. This is reflected on its speed, range, weight and price.

Anyone considering preordering the Dualtron X should be aware of its limitations – you won’t be able to use this vehicle the same way you are using a Xiaomi M365 for obvious reasons. Besides, most countries have all sort of escooter regulations so you should definitely check those too first.

That being said, if you are looking for an electric moped then the Dualtron X is definitely a great choice. It is fast, has insane range and it will save you a lot of money in the long run – electricity is way cheaper than gas.

The scooter is open for preorder and will be shipped June this year.

Dualtron X Editor's Rating
Extremely fast and powerfulAmazing suspensionInsane rangeVery comfortable to rideCan go both off and onroad, can climb anythingA wide array of unique and useful features not found in any other scooterGreat handling and stability
Is priced $5,999.00 in Minimotors USAIt’s very heavy and cannot be carried aroundCannot be really used as a last mile solutionSome people might not like its designIt’s almost imperative to use the seat while driving the Dualtron X
Reader Rating 21 Votes
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