It should be clear that escooters are not toys – some of them can go as fast as 80 km/h! Even those meant for children can move fast enough to be potentially dangerous to the rider in the case of a crash.

This means that when buying a scooter (check best electric scooters), one should also think about the adequate protective gear for it. Usually, the rule of thumb is simple – get bicycle gear for the slower scooters and motorcycle gear for the faster ones.

However, there are also several accessories for electric scooters besides the helmet and elbow pads that can be a lifesaver for an escooter driver.

I’ve been driving escooters since their dawn, tried a lot of different gear and in today’s post I’d like to share my experience when it comes to the best escooter safety gear. Some of the choices here might seem a bit anti-intuitive at first but bear with me and I will try to explain why do I chose this or that specific piece of equipment.


Electric Scooter Helmets

Helmets are the most basic type of protection and if you’re not using one (like a lot of people, sadly), do yourself a favor and get one ASAP!

Unlike popular belief, a good helmet doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Over the years, I have tried about a dozen of different models (both for escooters and for bikes), and here are the four I could recommend to you, sorted by price and quality, here are my best electric scooter helmets:

#1 Ruroc Helmet

In my endless quest for perfection, I recently got the RG1-DX TRIBE Ruroc and man that’s the best helmet I ever had so far!

Designed to be compatible both for bikes and sky, this helmet is extremely lightweight and durable. It has a modular build with the shockwave audio system, an integrated action camera mount beneath the visor and the new Rheon liner technology that greatly absorbs impacts.

I couldn’t expect anything less from such an expensive helmet and I’m happy that Ruroc delivered as promised.

The RG1-DX TRIBE is obviously a winter helmet and it resists temperatures of up to -20C, however I’ve also been using it this spring and I haven’t felt the need to switch to a lighter helmet so far. The airflow is pretty good and it keeps my head cool even during the hottest (spring) days. I will let you know how it fares in summer.

Overall, I’d recommend it to anyone who is riding a powerful electric scooter, especially if it’s an off-road one.

#2 BELL Super 3R Helmet

This is the helmet I had before the RG1-DX TRIBE. For the price, it’s a great and durable helmet – it is still in perfect condition even though I’ve used it for a while – the visor is still holding in place and the inner lining looks and feels intact.

Just like the Ruroc, the Bell Super 3R is a great choice for a fast scooter.

#3 Lumos Helmet

Another helmet I love, the Lumos is a bike helmet meant to be used with the slower scooters like the Xiaomi M365, the Ninebot ES1, Ninebot ES2 or the Dualtron Spider. The helmet is very lightweight and feels very rugged, though its main selling feature is the inbuilt signaling system. The helmet has LED backlights and both turning lights that can be controlled wirelessly.

Just be aware that those lights are best seen at night – if you want something that is perfectly visible at day, you might want to add this backpack attachment. I’ve been using it together with my Lumos and I’ve been loving it so far.

#4 Skate or Bike Helmet

Back in the day, I have started with a similar helmet and I’ve been using it for a solid few years, until I have upgraded to a motorcycle one. Don’t expect this helmet to have superior airflow or anything, however you can be sure that your head is well protected when wearing it.

Overall, I’d recommend this helmet to use together with a relatively slow scooter such as the Xiaomi M365, the Ninebot ES1/ES2, etc.

Electric Scooter Protective Gear

A lot of things can go wrong on the road but in most of the cases, a helmet, a good jacket and long thick pants should keep you safe. That being said, it’s always a great idea to be prepared for the worst, which is why I’ve been using the following gear zealously over the past years.

The stuff listed here works wonder for escooter drivers of any skill level. Some people say that protective gear is only for newbies and I see where they are coming from, however the more skilled you become, the faster you tend to go. Higher speeds = higher risks. That’s how it works, which is also why I would highly suggest you to gear up if you are into racing, especially if you are doing that offroad:

#1 Jacket Only

Looking like a battle suit from the space age, this jacket includes elbow, knee and spine protection. Made of thick fabric with plastic protective pieces, this is the kind of jackets you can see on motorcycle drivers.

The best part about this kind of armor is that it all comes in one piece, no need to waste time attaching the knee/elbow, etc protections. Besides, if you tend to forget to wear those, this armor will probably be the best solution for you. Once you get to the place, you can take it off and store it as one piece, which again can be more convenient than having five separate pieces lying around.

#2 Back Spine Only

In case you already have a set of elbow/knee protection, I’d suggest you getting this one. Even the cheapest spine protection can potentially save your life. What it does it prevents your spine from bending backwards in case of a crash.

The human spine can naturally bend forward but not backwards. If forced to arch too much in the wrong direction, the vertebrae can break, get misplaced or damaged. We don’t want that. Spine protection gear restricts the mobility of your spine, preventing it from arching backwards in the case of an accident. The quality of the gear determines how much pressure it can withstand as well as how reliable is it, however even budget protection proved to be way better than nothing.

Last but not least, if you land on a curb or a sharp bump, the spine protection will also redistribute the pressure, potentially saving one of the vertebrae from receiving all of the impact.

#3 Knee and Elbow Pads

When we fall, we tend to instinctively put our arms and legs forwards to protect the most vulnerable parts of our bodies. Usually, our elbows and knees end up taking most of the shock and if not properly protected, we can get anything from bruises to permanent joint damage.

No wonder why wearing knee and elbow pads is mandatory when driving anything that can go faster than human sprint speed. It’s amazing how a simple piece of plastic with padding can save us from serious injury.

Now, good knee and elbow pads should offer good protection without restricting your mobility too much. The ones I list here do exactly that – they are very well-padded and can withstand a lot of stress.

Electric Scooter Lights

Most scooters, even the good ones, come with pretty basic lights. Some don’t have brake lights, others have pretty weak frontal LED lights. Good news is, you can always install external lights to your scooter and luckily enough, they are not that expensive. I will be listing the ones I use on my scooters:

#1 Front Lights

Unless you have a high-end scooter like the Dualtron Thunder or the Dualtron Ultra, you might have noticed that your frontal LED lights could use some more power. Most people drive their scooters during the day (work trips, shopping, etc), so scooter manufacturers usually don’t bother to equip their products with powerful lights. If you have to drive at night, you should really consider getting a good set of frontal LEDs so cars can see you.

On my smaller scooters, I use the 800 lumen Fenix BTR20 or the newest version Fenix BC35R 1800 Lumens. It’s small and powerful, and it’s been serving me for some months now without any issues. I’m pretty picky when it comes to lights and the BC34R was one of the few that matched all of my criteria.

The BTR20 and BC35R allows you to cycle through 4 light stages. The light is 100% waterproof, it is compatible with handlebars of 20-35mm and it comes with its own battery, which means it will not impact the range of your scooter.

If you want something stronger, the GACIRON Professional offers you twice the brightness (1600 lumen), which is more than enough for most cases. It can be charged though USB so you don’t even need to carry a special charger for it. It even comes with a separate button controller in case you want to switch it with your left hand.

#2 Backpack with Back Lights

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of good and powerful backlights. Unlike cars or even motorcycles, escooters are pretty small, which makes them hard to notice for a car driver. To make up for that, it’s a good idea to use powerful lights on the back of the driver, together with a helmet with the same properties.

Ideally, the back light should be bright enough to be noticeable under daylight too. Put those ultra bright LED lights on high visibility fabric and you get this backpack – not only you can be better seen  at any time of the day or night, you can also easily tell the drivers behind you your next step, whether it’s to turn, to brake or to keep moving forward.

#3 Turn Signal Widget

What if you already have your favorite backpack? Then, this widget should do – as bright and as useful as the previous one, this widget comes with a wireless controller you can attach to your bar. Since it’s very flexible and thin, you can attach it anywhere, whether it’s your backpack, your own back (in case you decide to drive with no backpack at all).

#4 Lights and Turn Signal for the Seat

Here’s another alternative I’ve been using that allows you to attach your back and turning lights to your seat. Not all scooters have seats, which is why I’m not using it as much, however it’s still a perfectly viable alternative for those of you who do use a seat on your scooter.

Electric Scooter Mirrors

Mirrors are arguably one of the most important accessories when driving on busy streets. Since most scooters come with no mirrors, we have to buy them ourselves. Depending on your scooter and your preferences, you might want to consider one of these three options:

#1 Small Mirror on Handlebar

Attached to either your tip or the beginning of your grips, this small convex mirror is a jack of all trades, perfect for narrow streets with lots of pedestrians. Personally, I’d only use it with a small scooter such as the Xiaomi M365 or the Ninebot series.

#2 Big Mirror on Handlebar

Commonly seen on motorcycles, this classic side mirror can be easily attached right before your hand grips and provides the view you need when maneuvering between cars. It is bigger and bulkier than the previous one, which is why I’d personally use it on the bigger models, such as the Dualtron Spider or the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2.

#3 Inside Handle Bar System

Shaped similarly than the previous option, this one comes with an alternative attachment system. The choice depends on your model and your preferences.

Recommended Accessories and Upgrades

In Conclusion

Road safety is a very discussed and somewhat controversial topic. Some people see safety gear as a blessing, while others see it as an unwanted (and sometimes – avoidable) additional cost to the already expensive vehicle.

If you are on a budget, keep in mind that as a rule of thumb, cheap protection is still better than no protection at all. That being said, if you have the means to invest in quality protective gear, by all means do it! Good luck and drive safe.

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