FOBOS Model X Review – The scooter that got it right

This new scooter that’s being shipped in October is blowing everyone’s mind, mine included. It takes everything we love about the top Dualtron models and makes it better.

It takes time, hard work and dedication for companies like Minimotors to become leaders in the market. We all know, love and trust their products. However, once in a while, a giant slayer appears and sends the standard bar flying up to new heights.

The new Fobos Model X scooter has the same price as the Dualtron Ultra, while offering features that cost about twice the money. Let’s check them out in an organized fashion:

Fobos Model X Review

Battery and Power

The Model X comes in two editions:

  • Limited Edition (LE): 72v, 39Ah battery
  • Performance Edition (PE): 60v,  48Ah battery

Both feature Panasonic battery cells with smart BMS. The difference in battery configuration makes the Limited Edition faster 120 Km/h (75 MPH) with a shorter range 140 Km (86 Mi). It also has better acceleration and torque, which is why it’s the model I went for.

The Performance Edition is 100 US Dollars cheaper; It features better range of 165 Km (102 Mi) at the expense of a lower top speed of 105-110 Km/h (68 MPH) and a gentler acceleration curve.

These numbers alone put the FOBOS ahead of the Dualtron Thunder and Ultra but the improvements don’t stop here.


The FOBOS scooter is shipped with a steering damper. It costed me 550 US Dollars to install one on my Dualtron Thunder. The Model X has that already included in the final price.

The model of the damper is an overhaul of the EREXX that’s being used in Dualtrons, WEPED, Currus. It has a different size, as well as some design improvements to increase stability.


The scooter also comes with high-end Magura MT5E brakes that feature a four pistons system with a caliper forged in one piece. This grants them exceptional stopping power, modulation and control. The disks are Magura Storm HC.

Once again, this is all included in the final price of the scooter. It costs several hundred dollars to install similar brakes on a Dualtron.

Wheels and Tires

If you own a Dualtron Thunder, you know how much of a pain it is to change tires. The Fobos is shipped with a different rim design that is hopefully more user-friendly. The current model has tubed tires, however Fobos expects to have the tubeless tire option available for October.


The Model X comes with adjustable rubber 93 PU suspension.

Additional Accessories

So far, we have been talking about major improvements, however the Model X also has some smaller things that make it superior to most other models on the market.

For instance, it comes with a folding locking system and a handlebar on the rear side of the deck. Installing both on a Dualtron costs around 100 US Dollars.

The scooter also comes fully equipped with RGB lights and a controller to customize the color and even animation of those lights.

GPS theft protection is also included in the package, though the installation of the SIM card is on the user.

To be honest, I was expecting to see the Minimotors Ey3 mounted on the handlebar of the scooter.  The Ey3 became so common that I was surprised when I saw a custom Fobos odometer display. Its functionality is very similar to that of the Ey3 with the option to operate it directly from the phone app.

The only two things I would like to see in this scooter (which might be included in the final model) are a locking system with alarm and turn signals. Those are minor features that can prove very useful.

Fobos Model X Features
  • 2*45A Sine-wave Controllers
  • Magura MT5e Hydraulic Brakes
  • Ajustable hydraulic steering damper
  • Side RGB LED Lights
  • Front light and horn
  • Stem LED Lights
  • Deck LED Lights
  • Ambidextrous Display
  • Ajustable rubber suspension
  • Rear Handlebar
  • Rear Mudgurad with Lights/Brake Lights
  • GPS
  • Phone APP
  • Smart Controller
  • Fast Charger 5A or 10A
  • Panasonic Batteries 60V/48AH ; 72V/39AH
  • ABS braking system
  • Stem made of OLC45 Steel
  • Folding Handlebar
Fobos Model X Specifications
  • Max Speed: LE 120km/h ; PE 105kmh
  • Max Distance: LE 140km ; PE 165km
  • Battery: LE 72V/39Ah ; PE 60V/48Ah
  • Motor Wattage: 7,200W
  • Gradeability: N/A
  • Max Load: 160 kg
  • Tires: 11″ Tubeless and with tube (dealers can choose any type)
  • Suspension: Front/Rear wheel rubber
  • Brakes: Magura MT5e Front/Rear hydraulic 160mm Brakes
  • Lights: Headlight, Brake lights
  • Dashboard: Fobos Throttle
  • Weight: around 48 kg
  • Charge Time: 6-8 hours from 0 to 100%
  • Unfolded Size: N/A
  • Folded Size: N/A

Pricing and Availability

Fobos doesn’t seem to want to sell the scooters themselves, which is why they won’t be shipping their products to the countries that already have their official representatives. Each dealer is free to set their own retail price on the scooter.

Now, if your country does not have a Fobos dealer yet, you can get your scooter directly from them. Shipping costs depend on the country but are estimated to hover around 300 US Dollars.

You can preorder your Model X now. Shipping starts either October or November.

Where to Buy FOBOS Model X

Recommended Accessories and Upgrades

In Conclusion

I am very excited to see less known companies rise and come up with better alternatives and improvements. Hopefully, Fobos will motivate other manufacturers to take their models to the next level, too.


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