Minimotors Just Released Four New Dualtron models?! – Ultra 2, X2, Storm, and Spider LTD 2

Imagine waking up to the news that Minimotors released not one, not two but four new models to the marked the exact same day! Before you get too excited though, let me clarify that while each of those are technically new models, in reality they are just slight overhauls over the existing ones we know.

But why?

Every year, new faster and more powerful escooter models are being released. What used to be a breakthrough two years ago is now a standard. To keep up with the pace, Minimotors decided to overhaul some of their existing most popular models. Some received small design changes and a couple new bells and whistles, whereas others now enjoy new powerful motors and batteries.

Dualtron Spider 2 and Spider LTD 2

Probably the most popular model of the bunch thanks to its low weight and accessible price, the new Dualtron Spider 2 features a few small improvements over its predecessor, while leaving the key features untouched.

Coming at the same price, the LTD 2 has a slightly different design – the wheels now looking different and the suspension handles are a bit beefier. Unlike the other scooters listed here, the Spider 2 comes with the same motor and battery as the previous model.

The limited edition shares the same small improvements.

Dualtron Ultra 2

Still favored by many over the Thunder, the Ultra is known for its insane motor power and breathtaking top speed. The original Ultra comes with 5400 W motors and can ride as fast as 85 km/h (53 MPH). If think that’s a lot of power, let me introduce the Dualtron Ultra 2 – a scooter with 6640 W motors that can reach the 100 km/h (62 MPH) mark!

This is not the only thing that changed in this new version. The Ultra 2 also comes with a different battery. Previously 60V 35 Ah, the new Ultra 2 is shipped with a 35 Ah 72V one; this change was necessary to keep up with the bigger motors.

As expected, charge times increased too, going from 5 hours with the fastest charger to 7 hours. The default charger now takes up to 23 hours to get the battery all the way up to 100%, so you could argue that the fast charger is a must for this improved model.

As a result, the new Ultra 2 is also heavier. Coming in 40 kg or 88lbs, the Ultra 2 is about 3 kg or 6 lbs heavier than its predecessor.

Dualtron Storm

Or as some call it the ‘Thunder 2.0’, the Dualtron Storm offers a few very interesting features a lot of us wanted to see on the former model. First though, let’s talk about motor power. The Storm comes with the same motor as the Ultra 2 (Before: 5400 W; Now: 6640 W), meaning that the top speed went from 85 km/h (53 MPH) to 100 km/h (62 MPH). The battery is now different too, its voltage being higher, allowing a faster max speed but barely affecting torque or acceleration. It went from 60V 35 Ah to 72V 31.5 Ah.

The Dualtron Thunder was never a scooter we could easily carry around, and the bigger motors added another 3 kg or 6 lbs to its weight. Coming in 46 kg or 101 lbs, the new Storm is definitely not a scooter you’d like to take with you to public transport.

Charge times are about 20% longer now no matter whether you are using default or fast chargers. The fastest charging time increased from 4 hours to 5 hours. In exchange, thanks to the new motor and battery setup, the scooter can now climb slopes of 70% (around 35°); previously 47% or around 25°.

Now onto the smaller, yet nonetheless important features. First of all, the Storm now features a removable battery, which might be a huge thing for those of you who have a spare one. On the downside, I realized the new battery handles go right where I am used to have one of my feet when riding, meaning I will have to either change my riding pose or “mod” the battery (i.e. remove the existing handle and improvise a new one that doesn’t get on the way). I hope the final version will have a different handle design that will take less room on the standing deck.

Another thing is that the Storm comes with a new mudguard design which actually looks way better than the previous one. In fact, it now might actually be functional.

Dualtron X 2

The massive Dualtron X got even bigger. The X 2 version now comes with 8800W motors. This is over 2000W more than what the classic Dualtron X comes with! With such overhaul in motor power, the X 2 can now run up to 110 Km/h or 68 MPH (previously: 100 km/h or 62 MPH), and its gradeability is considerably better, too.

To keep up with the bigger motors, the battery it’s shipped with is different, too, now outputting 72V, 42Ah (previously: 60V, 52Ah). Battery size and amount of cells remained the same though, meaning that the new battery doesn’t provide better mileage.

If you thought the Dualtron X was massive, the Dualtron X 2 is even bigger and heavier. Coming in 66 kg (145 lbs) solo and 72 Kg (158 lbs) with the seat mounted on it, the X 2 can barely be considered a kickscooter anymore.

Pricing and Shipping

Minimotors still has to publish the price for most of the scooters mentioned here. The Spider 2, as well as the Spider LTD 2 can be already preordered and they cost basically the same as their respective V1 models. The other models can be added to your wishlist so you get notified as soon as they become available. According to the manufacturer, the release date is sometime this year.

In Conclusion

For me, it was refreshing to see those new models appearing on Minimotors’ page. I know some people got frustrated that most of those models are very similar to the previous ones. When it comes to Minimotors, we are used that every new release brings something fresh to the table. Now, while there is indeed nothing groundbreaking about these new Dualtrons, the small improvements are still very welcome, especially if the final prices will be reasonable.

As usual, I will be reviewing each of these models as soon as they are shipped, so stay tuned and ride safe!

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