Weped RR Scooter Specifications

Max Speed: 90 Kmh (56MPH)

Max Distance: 130 Km (81 Mi)

Battery: Li-Po, 60 V; 35 Ah, Brand: Samsung, Model: 18650

Motor Wattage: 6000 W in total (Dual motors, 3000W x 3)

Max Load: 120 Kg (265 lb)

Tires: 10-inch, 130mm (5.5 In) ultra-wide kart racing tire, tubeless

Suspension: Front 4-Link variable air suspension, rear bushing setup

Brakes: Double WEPED hydraulic brakes + dual regenerative brakes

Lights: LED headlight + Brake lights

Dashboard: Full info dashboard display

Charge time: 6 hs (6A fast charger), 17 hs (1.7A standard charger)

Weight: 42 Kg (92 lb)

Unfolded Size: 1337 × 640 × 1220 mm (53x25x48 In)

Folded Size: 1337 × 640 × 510 mm (53x25x20 In)

Deck Width: 240 mm (9 In)


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