The Booster GT is a mid- high-end electric scooter commuter that was recently introduced to the market by E-Twow, a well-known Romanian electric scooter manufacturer. It features a top speed of 40 Kmh (25 MPH) and a range of 50 Km (31 Mi), which puts it among the most powerful modern commuters.

Despite all of that, the scooter is lightweight, which makes it a perfect last mile solution. Priced merely 1050 US dollars, the E-Twow Booster GT is a very interesting alternative to the electric kickscooters available on the market and it might as well become the new favorite in the community.

E-Twow scooters always offered good specs for the money and the GT just took that trend to the next level. The GT belongs to the third generation of E-Twow scooters and it features better performance, battery capacity and motor power, all for a lower price. The S2 GT is definitely a better value for the money, as we will be able to see in a bit.

About E-Twow

Same as here, plus:

The company also sells a full set of accessories and mods for their vehicles. You can swap, change and improve pretty much any part of your scooter. Besides, if something breaks, you can easily get an official replacement part at a reasonable price.

E-Twow Booster GT Review


The Booster GT is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

With a total weight of only 11,9 kg (27 lb) and motor power of 700W, the GT is agile and offers great control on the road. The scooter is pretty small, which means you take less space on the road. The handlebars might feel a bit too narrow for those of you who are used to driving bigger scooters, however they are still wide enough to be reasonably comfortable.

Having a powerful motor is important not only because of the top speed. In fact, most countries have very strict regulations so you won’t be able to reach the top speed of 40 Kmh (25 MPH) anyway. You will however enjoy a smoother ride and a less speed drop when driving uphill thanks to the powerful motor.

There is a difference between 300W, 500W and 700W. If you live in a somewhat hilly area, you are going to feel the difference straight away. The steeper the road, the more you will appreciate how much control over the scooter the 700W motor gives to you.

Whereas I wouldn’t recommend you driving this scooter on wet surfaces, the GT handles wet roads surprisingly well. The tires take most of the credit for that since they hold on to the road very well at any speed.


The GT is pretty comfortable, especially for the size.

The scooter comes with front and rear spring shocks. At speed, it will soak up imperfections in the road. You can even go off road in case you need it, though the scooter will probably won’t live as long if you’ll spend too much time driving on anything else but asphalt. After all, the scooter has a very light frame so it’s a good idea to drive on the best roads you can find and avoid running into potholes, manholes and other bumps.

The platform of the GT is pretty compact, barely long enough to fit both of your feet in a somewhat comfortable way. The deck has a layer of very durable rubber that offers excellent grip.

My only complaint is the fact that the scooter has thumb brakes. Personally, I am used to the old-school brake levers. When in danger, my fingers try to reach for the lever by reflex. It’s not a deal breaker obviously, though if you’re like me, it might take you some time to get used to the thumb brakes.


As I already mentioned, the scooter does have a basic set of dual suspension. If you rode a previous generation E-Twow Booster S Plus scooter you know exactly what to expect from it. It’s not the smoothest suspension out there but it’s definitely one of the best ones you can get for the money and it’s good enough to ensure you an enjoyable ride.

Just like its predecessors, the scooter comes with somewhat small wheels with airless tires but the suspension saves the day.


The GT is the definition of portability.

Where do I even start? Coming at 11,9 kgs (27 lb), the Booster GT is one of the most lightweight commuters there are and is definitely the fastest scooter in this weight category. |In fact, it’s even lighter than the Xiaomi M365 and the Ninebot ES2. This alone should give you a good idea on how lightweight this machine is!

The scooter is not only weight, it is also very compact. It’s small and it can get truly tiny when folded thanks to its 3-point folding system. When folded, the scooter can be easily carried around, stored under your desk, bed or in your car trunk. The best part? Folding is easy, intuitive and fast. It takes no tools and can be done by a 10-years old.

Additional Accessories

As you would expect from an E-Twow vehicle, the S2 GT comes with all the essentials:


The scooter comes equipped with a powerful LED headlamp. It consists of 6 LEDs that are controlled by its own chip. It ensures a constant brightness that is independent of the current battery voltage.

It also features reflector strips on the sides and a set of brake lights on the back.


The GT comes with a ceramic electric piezo horn. The sound it emits is powerful enough to pierce through the loudest traffic noise.


Just like its predecessor, the GT features a small but complete LED dashboard. The design of the dashboard is pretty simplistic but it gets the job done. The ~1×2 inch screen shows you current battery charge, current speed, distance and a few other metrics.

My only complaint about this dashboard is screen brightness. It’s not awful but it could be a tad brighter. Sometimes, the reflections on the glass are brighter than the numbers on the screen, which makes it hard to see my current speed on the go.

That’s an issue I’ve seen in the previous models too.

Theft Protection

The GT comes with no theft protection which makes perfect sense to me – why would anyone want to lock such a small and lightweight scooter if the thief can simply pick it up and carry it away with ease.


The Booster S2 GT looks pretty stylish.

The GT looks surprisingly good for a small escooter. While it obviously does not offer the imposing looks of the Dualtron Thunder or the LED light fest of the Weped RR, the tiny GT still manages to look serious and elegant.

It looks nothing like the Xiaomi M365 even though both scooters have similar dimensions.

If you look closer, you can see the attention to detail E-Twow put into this scooter. Every bit of the vehicle looks polished and well thought-of. The narrow and somewhat thin frame is ornamented with all sorts of little decorations that give the scooter unique and modern looks.

Overall, I was impressed by how well such a small commuter can look like and I’m not ashamed to drive it to the office. It might be compact but it does not look like a toy at all.

Optional Accessories

Let me list some of the accessories you can buy for this scooter:

  • Handle for Transport: A little handle that can be attached to the stem right above the wheel and make it easier for you to carry the scooter after you fold it.
  • Shoulder Strap: Can be attached to the stem. Useful when you want to carry your scooter hands-free.
  • Phone Holder: Can be fixed either to the stem or the to handlebar.
  • Charger Bag: Can be fixed to the stem so you can carry the charger with you safely and painlessly.
  • Trolley Bag: Is equipped with a three-wheel trolley system. Protects the scooter from dust, moisture and scratches.


While not the beefiest scooter out there, the Booster S2 GT has great design and materials.

The Booster GT was designed to be an urban scooter. It does not have the thick metal frame off-road scooter have so I would highly suggest you to avoid riding too many miles on dirt roads or grass.

That being said, the scooter has great build quality. Just like its predecessor – the Booster V – the GT can withstand a lot of abuse. E-Twow scooters are known for having quality materials and good assembly quality.


The E-Twow GT stands true to its name.

Equipped with a 700W hub brushless motor and a high-performance 48v with 10.4ah battery, the GT can outrun most of the scooters in the weight and price categories.

Moreover, the most important performance metric to E-Twow seems to be the ability to climb steep hills, and their electric scooters perform great on uphill roads. While the GT might seem too small to be taken seriously, its uphill performance and acceleration makes it a formidable scooter.

Compared to the Booster V, the GT is about 10% faster and features 20% more motor power.


Surprisingly enough, the GT features above average battery capacity that gives it a range of up to 50 Km (31 Mi). These numbers are obviously achievable only under ideal conditions (<140lb driver, perfectly flat road, no wind, etc), however the numbers you will see in reality won’t be that far behind either.

By experience, I can tell you that the GT is enough for anyone who lives in a somewhat small town. If it’s a big city, the GT has enough battery cap to get to you the nearby metro or bus station. For more open and rural areas, the GT might not be enough. Before you order it, it’s a good idea to check your usual routes on google maps and see what distance will you be covering on your scooter every day.

Charge Time

The GT comes with a surprisingly big 54.6 V, 3 A charger that gets the battery from zero to 100% in up to 4.5h.

E-Twow Booster GT vs. E-Twow Booster V vs. ZERO 10X

E-Twow Booster GT

E-Twow Booster V 


Max. Speed40 Kmh (25 MPH)36 Kmh (22 MPH)65 Kmh (40 MPH)
Range50 Km (31 Mi)40 Km (25 Mi)100 Km (62 Mi)
Weight11,9 kgs (27 lb)11.3 Kg (25 lb)34 Kg (75 lb)
Carrying Capacity125 Kg (275 lb)125 Kg (275 lb)120 Kg (264 lb)
Motor power700 W500W2000 W
TiresAirless TiresSolid Rubber10 Inch Ultra-Wide 4-layer
SuspensionFront shock absorber + Rear shock absorberFront and rear spring shock absorbersFront and rear Adjustable hydraulic spring
BrakesRegenerative brake for front wheel + Emergency brake for behind wheelFront and Rear Disk Brake with ABS + Regenerative BrakingDouble disk brakes + regenerative brake
DisplayYesFull info dashboard displayFull info dashboard display
PriceUSD 1050 check hereUSD 1200 check hereUSD 1668 check here

Compared to its predecessor, the E-Twow Booster S2 GT features more motor power and better battery at a ~15% lower price. In exchange, it comes with lesser tier brakes, though that might not be such a big issue. Many of you will agree that the dual disk brakes and ABS the Booster V comes with are an overkill. The scooter is neither heavy or fast enough to need such powerful brakes.

Compared to one of the new favorite scooters in the community, the Zero 10x, the GT is not only cheaper but also way more lightlweight. The Zero 10x, while a great value for the money, is too heavy to be a last mile solution for a lot of people.

Here’s the thing: on paper, the Zero 10x offers 300% more motor power and 100% more range than the GT for only a 60% price increase. Those are some solid numbers, though the increase in weight puts the Zero 10x in a completely different category than the GT, making the two scooters complimentary rather than interchangeable.

E-Twow Booster GT Specifications

  • Max Speed: 40 Kmh (25 MPH)
  • Max Distance: 50 Km (31 Mi)
  • Battery: Li-Ion, 48 V; 10,5 Ah, Samsung Cells 35E
  • Motor Wattage: 700 W
  • Gradeability: 45% (25°)
  • Max Load: 125 Kg (275 lb)
  • Tires: Airless Tires
  • Suspension: Front shock absorber + Rear shock absorber
  • Brakes: Regenerative brake for front wheel + Emergency brake for behind wheel
  • Lights: LED lighting group + LED light sensor + Rear Stop Light
  • Dashboard: UBHI Uniblock Human Interface
  • Charge time: Up to 4.5 hours (54.6V 3A charger)
  • Weight: 11,9 kgs (27 lb)
  • Unfolded Size: 1132 × 1075 × 382 mm (42x13x6 inches)
  • Folded Size: 1060 × 324 × 150 mm (42x13x6 inches)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy + Metallic paint technology

Where to Buy E-Twow GT

Join the forums to discuss more about the E-Twow GT

Recommended Accessories and Upgrades


In Conclusion

I just realized I cannot find anything I could consider a con about this scooter. The E-Twow S2 Booster GT is a very well-designed model that does not have any defined weaknesses. For the price, you get a well-rounded commuter that will hopefully serve you for a long time.

The company seems to be confident about the quality of their scooter too. They offer a two year warranty for the motor and a one year warranty for the rest. That’s a lot of time, considering that a lot of scooters, including several more expensive models, come with only 6-12 months warranty.

Thanks to its portability and powerful motor, the E-Twow GT can potentially save you a lot of money and time. It combines a lightweight design with a big battery, which makes it a great choice for most people. For most of us, the E-Twow GT can become an all-in-one solution.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on this new scooter. I’m excited about this new model and I hope more people will discover this gem. What are your thoughts on the E-Twow S2 GT?

E-Twow Booster GT Rating
Lightweight and portableFast and powerfulGreat rangeStylishGreat value for the moneyGood suspension
Weaker brakes than on the Booster VNarrow handlebarSmall wheels
Reader Rating 1 Vote
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