The Weped RR is one of those hidden gems I wish more people knew about. Manufactured by a Korean company for the Korean market, the Weped wasn’t known in the West until recently.

If you’ve seen photos of this model before, you might be surprised on why I am calling it a hidden gem – The “vanilla” version of the Weped is pretty much an empty frame. Yeah, it does have two powerful motors and good suspension; Yeah, it s rideable and offers great torque, however it does not look appealing at all.

Here’s where this scooter differs from the others – the Weped RR is probably the most customizable electric kickscooter I have ever seen. The company offers a wide array of accessories, lights and cosmetics to make your Weped look truly unique. I will get back to this specific aspect of the scooter in a bit, though for now I want you to know that the RR is probably one of the most gorgeous-looking scooter models to the date.



Weped is a little-known Korean company that specializes in tunable electric scooters, bringing unique and personalized options to the market since 2014. Every scooter they produce is handcrafted and customized to suit the customer’s needs. There’s at least one other company that does something similar – Rion Motors, however there is a big difference. Rion lets you customize the specs (engine power, battery, etc) of your scooter, whereas Weped lets you customize the looks (lights, cosmetics, accessories).

As for now, Weped’s website is unavailable. The only way to contact the company is either through their active telegram group or their Instagram.

Having that out the way, let’s give this bad boy a test drive:


The RR features 130mm ultra-wide kart racing tires, double hydraulic brakes and a wide handlebar. These features offer you great control over the vehicle.

The tire width contributes immensely to feeling stable on this scooter, particularly when accelerating and decelerating quickly. There is a reason why racing scooters tend to come with bigger and wider tires. That being said, the Weped RR took it to the next level.

The brakes are very powerful. They are exactly what you would expect to be on a scooter that can go as fast as 90 Kmh (56MPH). Weped claims the brake design is special and unique however for me, they look and feel like any other scooter hydraulic brake. Which is by no means a bad thing.

Run-Flat Tires

The RR comes with run-flat tires. Those have their pros and cons when compared to the conventional ones.

The cons are that run-flat tires are more expensive. They are also harder; they feel almost as solid rubber ones.

The pros are that if you get a flat tire, you don’t have to stop. Run-flat tires are also far more stable when they lose air because of the hard sidewalls. With a regular tire, a blowout can have a nasty effect on the scooter’s handling.

Overall, I like the run-flat tires more because of the additional safety they provide. The Weped RR is a high-speed racing scooter, so anything that makes the ride a tad safer is welcome.


The Weped RR offers great ride quality and comfort.

The scooter has great design. Starting with the handlebars: they are wide and give excellent ergonomics and steering control. Grip design and quality is excellent too, just as you would expect for the price.

The stem is pretty long and the scooter’s height is comparable to that of the Dualtron Thunder; it’s a bit higher than the Rion.

The standing pad is wide and long, allowing you to keep good posture.


The suspension on the Weped RR is soft enough to make up for the somewhat stiff run-flat tires.

The scooter comes with a 4-link dampening front suspension and rear bushing setup. What it does it allows for better road-holding abilities because the multiple joints can be fine-tuned for best riding comfort.


The Weped RR is one big boy. You aren’t going to throw it into the back of an Uber, take it on bus, or carry it up multiple flights of stairs to your apartment.

Coming in at 42 Kg (92 lb), the Weped RR is one of the heaviest electric kickscooters there is, third only to the Dualtron X and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior II.

That being said, the scooter is pretty compact when folded thanks to the folding handlebars and the gold pin. The latter is a signature Weped mechanism that locks the bars and wheels in position when folded, making it easier to carry. To fold the scooter, just remove the gold pin, fold the stem and insert the gold pin again.

Additional Accessories

The Weped RR comes almost barren with few accessories. It does however have a plethora of additional accessories to chose from and I will get back to that in a minute.


The basic set of lights is good enough to give you decent visibility at night but it’s nothing fancy. The lights are well-positioned and configured for night riding.


The factory dashboard looks pretty dull and minimalistic, though it’s still complete enough to show you speed, mileage and current battery charge, which are pretty much all the things you need to drive. On the right hand side, you can find a voltmeter. Voltmeters help you determine the current state of the battery and even prevent battery-related accidents – you can easily spot an abnormal voltage and turn the scooter off before something bad happens.

From the dashboard, you can also control the speed modes, as detailed in the ‘Power’ section of this review.

And obviously, you can connect your phone to the scooter via Bluetooth and get access to the advanced features.

Theft Protection

The scooter comes with a keybox and a unique set of keys. This obviously does not prevent a thief from lifting the scooter, throwing it into their car trunk and driving away with it, however it’s better than nothing. The main benefit of having a keybox is that if you have teenager kids, they won’t be able to use this scooter while you are not watching.

The Weped RR is a heavy, powerful and expensive machine, which is why it’s a good idea to keep it locked if you have kids to prevent any accidents.


“Vanilla” Weped RR

As you could see on the photos, the RR has a boxy design with an unusual curved stem and ultra-wide tires. This rather unorthodox combination makes the scooter look very different from the others. Some call it ‘simplistic’ or even ‘homemade’. It reminds me a lot of the boxy design of the Dualtron X but with more cables poking out.

In fact, most of the cables and connections are on the outside. The Stem has a curved and open design, which means that it does not hide the cables and tubes that are attached to it. For a 5000 dollar scooter, this design looks low-effort and while some people like it as it is, most of the users prefer to tune their RR.

Tuned Weped RR

Now here’s where the magic begins. The somewhat weird and open design of the stem opens a wide array of possibilities for modding. Lights, LED strips, custom plastic covers and different accessories can be attached to any place of the deck, stem, and handlebar, meaning that you can easily make your scooter look genuinely unique. I yet have to find two tuned Weped RR’s that look the same. Some look cool, some look great and some are truly pieces of art.

Optional Accessories

Let me list some of the accessories you can add to this scooter:

  • Everything LED: panels, footrest, wheels, stem, handlebars; the scooter has a micro controller that grants you full control over the color and animation of the LEDS. You can make them static, cycling, breathing, you name it. Some users even add custom LED animations (say, a radar-like sweeping animation on both wheels, etc.)
  • Multicolored LED strips that go along the stem from the top all the way to the bottom.
  • A custom logo or logos to add to the deck with an option to add colored LEDs to them.
  • Custom mudguards and other plastic parts that can be attached to the body to give your scooter the looks you want.
  • A rear camera so you can see what’s behind you on your phone’s screen.
  • An optional Air Pump System to pump a flat tire up.
  • A tire patching onboard kit.
  • Other accessories such as analogue clocks, additional voltmeters, speakers, etc.
[some examples:]


The WEPED RR looks very tanky. You can see the thickness of the metal plates on the deck and the stem. Even though exposed to the eye, the cables are safe inside protective tubes. I haven’t heard any complain on this scooter yet; the RR looks like it was build to last. Virtually every component of the scooter is thick and metal. Build quality wise, I can only compare it to the Dualtron X.

Now, I haven’t had the chance to inspect a tuned Weped RR yet. I couldn’t tell how waterproof the connections are, and how well protected they are against wear and tear.


The Weped RR is a powerful racing scooter.

It comes with dual hub motors rated 6000W total and can reach a top speed of 90 Kmh (56MPH). The motors provide more than enough power to absolutely smoke any other vehicle on the street.

6000W of raw motor power also translates into insane gradeability, acceleration and torque. The scooter is so powerful a beginner might feel a bit overwhelmed, which is why there are three speed modes to chose from:

  • Normal Mode – 36 Km/h (22 Mph) in case you want to spare your battery and ride normally. The go-to mode for any beginner.
  • Super Mode – 50 km/h (31 Mph) for those of you who are looking to get to the destination quickly and safely, and get the most out of your battery.
  • Corsa Mode – 90 Km/h (56 Mph) for those of you who want to push the engines to their limit and get the full experience. It’s also the mode you’d want to use if you have to climb a steep hill road.


The Weped RR has a massive 130 Km (81 Mi) range and you’ll likely not need more.

In fact, it has one of the furthest ranges of any electric scooters currently available. I know only two scooters that have similar or better numbers.

The Li-Po, 60 V; 35 Ah, 18650 Samsung battery is high quality and grants up to 96 Km (60 mile) range with no voltage sag. Those are some impressive numbers for an electric kickscooter. The expected battery degradation is about 75% of the initial capacity after 3 years of use (roughly 800 cycles).

Charge Time

A big battery requires a big charger. The RR comes with a factory 1.7A charger that is simply not enough. It takes it up to 17 hours to get the battery from depleted to 100%. Good thing is, Weped also sells a massive 5A charger that only takes 6 hours to get the job done.

Weped RR vs. Dualtron Thunder vs. Dualtron Spider

Weped RRDualtron Thunder Dualtron Spider
Max. Speed90 Kmh (56MPH)85 Kmh (49 MPH)65 Kmh (40 MPH)
Range130 Km (81 Mi)120 Km (74 Mi)70 Km (43 Mi)
Weight42 Kg (92 lb)43 Kg (95 lb)20 Kg (44 lb)
Carrying Capacity120 Kg (264 lb)120 Kg (264 lb)120 Kg (264 lb)
Motor power6000 W5,400W3600W
Tires10-inch, 130mm kart racing tire, tubeless11 in Ultra-wide (90mm or 3.5″)10 in On-Road Tires
SuspensionFront 4-Link variable air suspension, rear bushing setup15-step adjustable, rubberFront and Rear Rubber Suspension
BrakesDouble WEPED hydraulic brakes + regenerativeHydraulic brake + 160mm diskFront and Rear Disk Brake with ABS + Regenerative Braking
PriceUSD 5000*USD 4590**USD 2450


(*) Price might vary depending on the amount of additional components you want to install on the scooter. Contact the company to know the exact numbers.

(**) Full price. Discounted price: USD 3790

Weped RR Specs

Max Speed: 90 Kmh (56MPH)

Max Distance: 130 Km (81 Mi)

Battery: Li-Po, 60 V; 35 Ah, Brand: Samsung, Model: 18650

Motor Wattage: 6000 W in total (Dual motors, 3000W x 3)

Max Load: 120 Kg (265 lb)

Tires: 10-inch, 130mm (5.5 In) ultra-wide kart racing tire, tubeless

Suspension: Front 4-Link variable air suspension, rear bushing setup

Brakes: Double WEPED hydraulic brakes + dual regenerative brakes

Lights: LED headlight + Brake lights

Dashboard: Full info dashboard display

Charge time: 6 hs (6A fast charger), 17 hs (1.7A standard charger)

Weight: 42 Kg (92 lb)

Unfolded Size: 1337 × 640 × 1220 mm (53x25x48 In)

Folded Size: 1337 × 640 × 510 mm (53x25x20 In)

Deck Width: 240 mm (9 In)

Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Where to Buy WEPED RR Electric Scooter

Recommended Accessories and Upgrades

electric scooter accessories

Join the forums to discuss more about the WEPED RR

In Conclusion

The Weped RR sets new standards for how cool an electric kickscooter can be. This model isn’t cheap, neither it is meant to be a commuter. The RR is a very fast racing scooter that will win you races in style. Unlike the Rion though, the RR has a larger battery that makes it good for traveling and doing things other than racing.

Overall, the Weped RR is a great vehicle for those of you who enjoy standing out and looking cool. While you can get similar horsepower and battery capacity for less money by buying a Dualtron Thunder (or Ultra), there’s no way you could make them look as cool as a tuned and modded Weped RR. Besides, the price difference isn’t that huge.

Anyway, I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you found this article useful, please consider sharing it on your social media. Thank you for reading!

WEPED RR Editor's Rating
Fast and powerfulSolid brakesGood suspensionSturdy and durableHighly customizable
There are less expensive alternatives with similar specsLooks dull and basic unless tuned
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