When it comes to premium scooters, we think of brands like Works Electric, DualTron or GenZe. As it usually happens though, there is always that one lesser known company that offers a better product for half of the price.

Meet FLJ – a company that manufactures a scooter as good as the DualTron Ultra at about 60% of the price. The scooter we are going to review today is fast, sturdy, cheap and needs a marketing campaign really badly. Just take a look at its manufacturer’s official website – even Wix offers better designs. 🙂

That being said, the awful quality of the official site contrasts sharply with the amazing design and build quality of the scooter.

FLJ T113 Review

Unboxing the FLJ 11inch Scooter

One of the crew members ordered this vehicle not long ago and we had to share this news with you folks. I invite you to follow us as we unpack and test this bad boy out!

First thing first – the scooter came well-packaged. If you have received a DualTron before, you will find the package quality pretty similar.

As usual, you will have to screw in some bolts. Luckily enough, the scooter does comes with the needed screwdrivers.

Once we have everything set up, it’s time to charge the battery (charger included in the package). It might take up to 8 hours to go from zero to 100%. Let’s take a closer look at the scooter itself while the battery charges.


For a price tag of around two grands, the FLJ T113 looks like it belongs to the same category as a scooter that costs 50% more.

You can immediately tell apart a FLJ T113 from most other scooters. The chromed bolts that hold the body pieces together make a beautiful contrast with the black matte full metal body. The robust suspension springs on both wheels suggest that the T113 will give you a comfortable ride no matter how far you drive. The customizable led strips give it that final touch it needs to look modern.

The T113 looks more angular compared to the DualTron Ultra/Thunder scooters, yet not as basic as a Works Electric’s BR2. In fact, its body somehow reminds me of a Lamborghini – both by the shape and by the sturdiness of its parts.

If looks matter to you, you can never go wrong with the T113, unless you are after a more playful or informal style.

Riding experience

Now that the battery is charged, it’s time to test the FLJ T113 out. For the past few months I have been driving the Xiaomi M365 a lot, mostly because I was going to the metro station and back every day, and the lightweight Xiaomi is very easy to carry. No wonder why I’ve got a bit anxious when I’ve got to drive a scooter that can reach a top speed of 70-80 KM/h (43-49 mph).

Luckily for me, the thumb throttle is very responsive and I was able to have a smooth start right from the beginning. Usually, cheaper throttles and engines tend to go from zero to a lot of RPM in a split second, making you lose balance if you are not experienced enough. The FLJ is easy for beginners and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, no matter their previous scooter driving experience.

Thanks to the 11 inch wheels, the scooter holds very well to the road. It is way more stable and responsive than one with 10 in wheels, especially if you use road tires. Steering was not a problem even at higher speeds and the brakes work as expected too.

Durability – Build quality

The T113 is rugged. It comes with an aluminum body and enough protection to keep the electric part safe during a drive under rain and/or on a wet surface. It looks like it can take a beating, though I don’t feel like testing it in extreme conditions for now.

I do believe that the scooter will last for a while. There have not been any complaints from previous customers and upon close inspection, I haven’t found any weaknesses or parts that could easily break.

That being said, I did have some inconveniences with the scooter that have been sorted out by their customer service. The issues are no longer present, though I thought you’d like to know about them anyway.The first one was a connectivity problem in my rear LED light. We have had to remove the back panel and redo the cable connection. It was a little manufacturer mistake and luckily it was very easy to repair.

The second problem made us call the seller, who answered immediately and was very helpful and friendly. The issue was that one of the wheels was spinning backwards. It was a controller issue and the seller agreed on shipping us a new one.

There was also a sound our scooter motors were making every time we would accelerate. I am not sure whether it is supposed to be that way. The sound was not that loud and it now happens from time to time only. I haven’t heard anything similar in other scooter models, though I am not sure whether it’s an issue and if I should be worried about it.

I will keep you up to date in case I find out more about this detail.


The FLJ T113 is comfortable to drive. It’s heavy enough to be easy to drive on high speeds and light enough to have good maneuverability. The spring suspension smooths most little obstacles (such as stones, cracks in the asphalt) out. Combine that with huge 11 inch wheels and you get a pretty smooth ride. For a scooter, that is.

As its name suggests, this scooter is meant to be an off-road beast. Both the official website and the vendors showcase a lot of photos of this scooter being partially submerged under water, suggesting that there’s no problem if you drive it on the beach or under heavy raid.

While those claims are not a lie, I would still like to mention that this bad boy has got its limitations. A scooter is a scooter no matter how good it is. Say, no suspension can make a pair of 11 inch wheels feel as smooth as a pair of 29 inch bicycle ones.

The “off-road” part of the T113 makes it less punishing to drive it on gravel and dirt road, though if you plan on spending most of the time driving off-road, you might still want to get yourself something with bigger wheels.


Since the T113 is being marketed as an off-road scooter, it comes with two 1200W brushless motors. Those two allow you to accelerate quickly and climb pretty well, even on sand or dirt.

Power-wise, the T113 can be considered an off-road scooter. I haven’t tried it in the wilderness, though it does climb all of the hills in my town and can easily travel the off-road bits too.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from three different models for this scooter. What changes are the battery specs, which affect the maximum speed the vehicle can reach.

  • From what I’ve seen, the most popular model is the one that comes with a 13Ah battery and a maximum speed of 35-40 KM/h (24 mph).
  • The second option comes with an 18Ah battery and the respective maximum speed of 60 KM/h (37 mph).
  • The last and most powerful one features a 23.4 Ah battery and a top speed of 70-80 KM/h (43-49 mph). That’s the model we have got.

Surprisingly enough, the price gap between the aforementioned models is not that big. While most people I know opt for the 13Ah version, they probably don’t do that to save 60-100 bucks. I suppose they just don’t need the extra horsepower.


If you drive at a constant speed of 20 Km/h (12 mph), you will be able to drive for 4 hours non-stop. In fact, the FLJ T113 features better range than most $3000 and even $4000 scooters.

The only popular model it loses to range-wise is the Dualtron Ultra that allows you to drive up to 120KM (120 Mi) non-stop. That’s probably the only real difference between a $ 3000 USD and a $ 1800 USD scooter. That being said, the maximum rider capacity of the T113 is 30kg (66 lb) higher than that of the DualTron Ultra.

Additional Features

As you could see in the photos, the FLJ comes with a screen that grants you access to a handful of useful features and metrics. It shows you the current speed, battery charge level, motor configuration and the total kilometers traveled. Besides, from there you can select the color of your lateral LED stripes or turn them off completely.

The thumb throttle is attached to the right side of the main pannel. Under the screen, we have two buttons that allow us to quickly switch between the different performance modes and speed gears.

FLJ T113 Scooter Specifications

  • Max Speed: 70-80 KM/h (43-49 mph) with a 23Ah battery, 60 Km/h (37 mph) with an 18 Ah battery and 40 KM/h (24 mph) with a 13Ah battery
  • Max Distance: 60-80 Km (37-49 Mi)
  • Charge Time: 6-8 hours
  • Motor Wattage: Dual brushless motors rated 1200 W each
  • Weight: 30 Kg (66 lb)
  • Max. Rider Capacity: 150 Kg (330 lb)
  • Tire Size: 11 in inflatable wheels
  • Suspension: Dual spring suspension on each wheel
  • Brakes: Dual disk brakes
  • Lights: LED headlights and taillights, brake lights, LED lateral stripes
  • Folded dimensions: 118x52x128 cm (46x20x50 inches)
  • Extended dimensions: 118x52x45 cm (46x20x17 inches)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy (frame, handle, pole and mudguards)
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Compliance: CE, ROHS, CCC

About the Manufacturer – FLJ

FLJ is a small Chinese company that has got its own assembly factory and has got an export license, which is why it is also the seller of its products on sites like Aliexpress. While FLJ’s official website is a complete mess, its Aliexpress page looks pretty decent. On its Aliexpress page, you can find photos of the company’s factory, as well as scans of their certificates of compliance (which hopefully are real).

Its products have overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, which is always a good sign. Again, I have had no problem with the company’s customer service – the operators have helped me to solve my problem in time. For now, FLJ does seem to care about its customers.

Where to buy FLJ T113

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In Conclusion

I am quite surprised by the quality of this scooter. It looked very good on paper and honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to actually stand up to the expectations and even exceed them.

The T113 is a great all-around scooter, whether you want to use it to get to your workplace, mess around with friends or travel to neighbor towns. It’s also a great option if you are traveling somewhere for vacation and you are not bringing your car with you.

If you are going to order one, I suggest you getting the 23Ah model with a seat – the additional 200 Euros you will pay for those improvements are definitely worth it.

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FLJ T113 Editor's Rating
Great specs, great bang for the buck, probably the best specs you can get for this pricePowerful motors and high max speedGreat suspensionRugged and sturdyLooks like a premium itemEasy to drive, beginner-friendlyFriendly and helpful customer serviceOne year warranty
Too heavy to be carried around by handCould use a bit more battery lifeMine arrived with some factory issues, though those got sorted out with the help of their customer serviceThe brand is not popular, which means that the community around this scooter is very small
Reader Rating 64 Votes
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